Total Station surveying technology

Total Station surveying technologyGenerally small setup errors (1 or 2 mm) are not a problem because they are non-systematic, and the EDM on Total Stations have an error or ±3-5 mm.

Point the total station along the long axis and use the instrument control panel to set the direction to zero (see instructions below).

From the temperature and pressure you can look up the correction factor in a chart included with the total station, or you can enter the temperature and pressure in the instrument and it will calculate the correction.

The basic idea is to shoot in control points with the Total Station surveying technology, establish a base map, and then use tape and compass and triangulation to interpolate and locate features between the control points.

People generally use the Total Station to produce maps or profiles that contain features-such as topographical breaks in slope-that, when accentuated with a polyline, provide a three dimentional view on the map.

It is necessary for integrating electronic total station technology into the toolbox of the investigator. Students will conduct several field projects utilizing the total station, data recorder and evidence recorder.

Connect the data collector with the 18 inch coiled cable to the Total Station
Aim Total Station at back sighting point and press enter of data collector.

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